Sunbelt Custom Mineral, LLC has been producing the finest dairy and beef mineral available for over twenty years. As a pioneer in the livestock mineral business, we provide quality products with complex trace minerals and quality additives for improved rumen activity.

A proven leader in the dairy and beef cattle industry, Sunbelt Custom Mineral specializes in the customization of mineral products using cutting edge technologies. This allows us to also provide organic and all natural custom blends for those operations.

We also offer a full line of standard fertilizer blends, along with custom blending options available.


Platinum One

  We are introducing our new Platinum Performance Mineral! Click here to view more details.


Sunbelt’s Mineral Tips For Success

Many cattle operations utilize mineral as a way to incorporate fly control, ionophores; Rumensin, Bovatec, and approved medications such as chlortetracycline. These products can also be used individually or in FDA approved combinations to maximize results. Intake of the mineral is always key to a successful mineral program. It is especially important that the recommended feeding amounts per-head, per-day are followed. Many of the additives for free choice consumption are based on 3-4 ounce intake levels. Research and field data have shown that mineral feeder placement is essential to ensure the best intake levels. Mineral feeders that are located close to water and shade loafing areas provide the most consistent mineral intake. With the added cost associated with performance additives, a little time spent with mineral feeder location can pay big dividends.

Special Offers:
*SPRING SPECIAL* – With your first 6 ton order, we will include a free mineral feeder.